Hands-On: Installing an External Hard Drive Enclosure

I have a Seagate Barracuda 160GB just sitting around idle since I have upgraded my PC's hard drive into a much larger capacity early last year.  So in order to utilize it, I decided to make it as an external hard disk and scouted a SATA Harddisk enclosure from CD-R King which costs P480.

I have never installed a hard disk enclosure before so I just brought my hard disk to the store, hoping that the technical staff could install it for me.  But, they said that what they could only do is to test the enclosure, but they will not be installing it for me. :( aww.  In short, "sariling kayod" or I have to do it my own.

So I went home, and tried to do it myself. And found out that it's not that hard actually, just need to use some common sense. hahaha!

Here are some photos how to install an external hard drive enclosure:

SATA HDD enclosure with my fave color: blue!

spare 160GB hard disk

the enclosure, hard disk, screws, screwdriver 

the power cord and USB connector

connecting wires/pin  to proper places

insert hard disk

screw it up!

tighten screws

install complete

Last thing, if you have plugged its usb connector to your computer, and the hard drive was not detected, you need to format your hard disk first before you can use it.

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