Globe Telecom compensates subscribers for May 9 Service Interruption

Last May 9, 2011, Globe was down. As a result, I can't send nor receive text messages on my Globe mobile. I wasn't able to send and receive GCASH notifications. Some text messages were tooooo delayed! Grrr!

But good news! I have received a text message from Globe on May 11. Here's the message:
"As a valued customer, Globe is sending you FREE texts and call minutes within the next few days. This is our way of saying "thank you" for being with Globe and our way of making up for the May 9 service interruption. Globe will send you as text no later that May 17 as soon as this special service is available for your use. This is to show that you are truly important to us."

Aww! I'm happy for this! Hope I could receive that soon :) I already received the FREE texts and call minutes from Globe! Here's the message I received via 8888:
"You have just received your special service: FREE 50 texts plus 5 minutes of calls to Globe/TM, good for 1 day. To check, text GHREW to 8888. Thank you for staying with Globe."

You can read more details on Blog@Globe.

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