Dagupan City Bangus Festival 2011

Dagupan Bangus Festival 2011

April is really fast approaching! And that only means...Bangus Festival 2011 - a celebration of the world's tastiest milkfish!

Bangus Festival is a yearly event being celebrated here in Dagupan City that was initiated by Mayor Benjie S. Lim, the "Father and Founder of Bangus Festival"  in 2002 to promote the local bangus (milkfish) industry.  In 2003, "Kalutan ed Dagupan" was recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the Longest Barbeque of the World.  (I was still in college at that time and our school required us to buy one (1) bangus and have it grilled during the event.)

Dagupan Bangus Festival 2011 celebration will start on April 8 and ends on May 1.  The major events are:
"Bangus ed Carosa", 101 Ways to Cook Bangus, Bangus Rodeo, Gilon! Gilon! ed Dalan (street dancing) and "Kalutan ed Dalan".  Other events are: Photo Contest, Bangus Art exhibit, Mangrove Planting, Dagupan Graffiti Art Walk, Sculpture Painting Contest, HALO HALO FEST, Pigar - Pigar Fest 1, Bangus Run Takbo para sa Kabuhayan, YugYugan Ed Bangus Fest 2011, Bangus Fest Talent Show, Langoy Bangus, Dagupan's Best, Miss Gay Bangus Festival Queen, Battle of the Bands, Miss Magic Pageant, Grand Fireworks and so many others.

In this year's celebration, Mayor Benjie Lim is bringing back "Kalutan ed Dagupan" to its original venue along A.B. Fernandez Avenue.  Also, the new Dagupan City seal will be unveiled and River Cruise will be launched during this year's celebration.

See the Schedule of Events

Visit Dagupan Bangus Festival 2011 Official Website: http://bangusfestival2011.com

Dagupan Bangus Festival 2011

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