GCASH Cash-Out via ATM with GCASH Card

Cashing-out or withdrawing your GCASH from any ATM, anytime, anywhere is now possible with the new customizable GCASH Card! Wow! This is a great news for us GCASH users.

I was so happy when I received a SMS alert from Globe yesterday that GCASH subscribers can now withdraw GCASH from any ATM using the GCASH Card. This means that I don't need to rush to beat business hours just to go the Globe Business Center and cash-out my GCASH. Yehey! ^_^

Cash-Out GCASH via ATM with GCASH Card

With the GCASH Card, I could access and withdraw my GCASH 24/7 from any 9,000 ATMS nationwide for only P20 per transaction charged to your GCASH wallet. This will be a lot of savings because there's a Cash-out transaction fee of P10 or 1% (whichever is higher) every time you cash-out GCASH via Globe Business Centers or 2.5% transaction charge via Villarica Pawnshops (too expensive!) . For example, I need to cash-out 10,000 GCASH. The cash-out transaction fee is P100 in Globe Business Centers while P250.00 from Villarica Pawnshops. With the GCASH Card, it will only be P20.00! Oh, this is really nice!

One thing more that I really like about this GCASH Card is that you can actually customize the design of your card. You can choose from the templates or you can also upload your own design. You can put your fave photo like your family portrait, barkada snapshot or any photo that adheres to the image guidelines. Below is the screen shot of the Gcash Card templates:
Globe Gcash Card

The GCASH Card also serves as your VALID ID to do your GCASH transactions.

The card costs P100.00 (payable thru GCASH of course) and upon approval of your design / photo, it will be delivered within two weeks.  You can also apply several cards under the same mobile number.

I am so excited to have my very own GCASH card! I made my own design and immediately applied for the card. Hope my card will be delivered soon. Can't wait! yay!

You can apply for your very own GCASH Card by visiting their website here >>.

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