Cherry Mobile X8i Wil Fone: Hands-On and Review [Part 3 of 3]

Cherry Mobile X8i Wil Fone Music and TV Phone

Aside from being a Dual Sim Phone, Cherry Mobile X8i Wil Fone is more on being a Multimedia phone. Its multimedia features are: Mobile TV with recording, MP3 Player, 2MP Camera, Video Recorder and Player, Wireless FM Radio, and a big loudspeaker. Watch the video below while I was testing out some of its features (just ignore the noise on the background):

Below are some sample photos taken using X8i's 2MP camera:


My Mom is an avid fan of Wil Time Big Time. So when I asked her what gift (aside from a new iPad) she wants to have on Mother's Day, she said a Wil Fone, and so I bought her an X8i.  But before handing down this phone to my Mom, I was able to do just a quick hands-on review and here are my impressions:
- Cherry Mobile X8i is a very lightweight phone although its length is somewhat long with dimensions: 117.85 x 47.91 x 13.56 mm. It is a little longer as compared to my MyPhone B88 Duo.
- With its mobile TV, you can watch your favorite TV shows wherever you go, plus you can even record any TV show that is being telecast.
- Although the speaker at the back of the phone is quite large (as in LARGE), I'm not satisfied with the quality of the sound. The sound is a bit choppy to my ears.
- It has dedicated buttons for easy access to your favorite music.  The wireless FM Radio has a recording capability to record what is being played on the radio.
- It is really an affordable music and TV phone, plus a dual sim phone.  I got this phone while it was still on sale for only P1,999.  Cherry Mobile X8i Wil Fone suggested retail price: P2,999.00.  It is currently on sale at P2,499.00 until May 31, 2012.

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  1. What can you say about the 2mp camera with flash when taking pictures in dark or poorly-lit places? So far this is my 1st choice as my new interim phone after I lost my Samsung Corby 2 and as I save for more money for a Samsung Galaxy phone.

  2. can u please tell me whats that hole at the top of the LCD? cuz i broke the usb charger port and i was thinking that that port (hole) at the t
    op of the lcd is also a charger alternative charger port? ??