Lahing Anda Showtime Inter -Town Edition The Finals

Lahing Anda has once again made me proud to be an Andanian! Their performance during the finals of "It's Showtime" Inter-town Edition on April 28 was really amazing, beautifully executed and worthy to be a champ!

Here's the performance of Lahing Anda during It's showtime Inter-Town Edition The Finals:

BTW, Vice Ganda and the rest of the hosts of "It's Showtime" explained that Lahing Anda, Bacolod Masskara at La castellana Bailes de Luces actually all scored perfect 10 in their performances during the Grand Finals, thus it was a triple tie. But since it was the show's rules and regulation that only one group should win, Bacolod Masskara emerged as winner after much deliberation. Watch their full explanation below:

Even though that was the case, in the hearts of the people of Anda, Pangasinan, Lahing Anda will always be the number 1! Lahing Anda even trended worldwide on Twitter!

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