Lahing Anda Dance Crew on "It's Showtime"

Anda is the lone island-municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. It is also called the Mother Island of Hundred Islands and Little Boracay of the North. Anda is my hometown and I'm proud to be an Andanian!

Here's the video of the performance of "Lahing Anda" Dance Crew and also the madlang people of Anda Pangasinan on the noontime show "It's Showtime" last March 19, 2012:

Indeed, their performance was very amazing! I'm still awed with the simultaneous performance on the studio and on the municipal gym by the Lahing Anda dance crew composed of students from different schools in Anda. I'm also so amazed with all the support of the "madlang" people of Anda. Some of the products of Anda also had a chance to be promoted on national TV like Binonguey (bamboo rice cake) with ripe mangoes, Banig (sleeping mats) and bags made of buri, Mango Vinegar (Mango Cider), Arosip/Ar-arosip (sea weeds), seafoods like shrimps, danggit & bangus, and products made of sea shells.

Congrats to Lahing Anda!! Go! Go! Go!

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