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Yahoo Mail Got a New Look on its 16th Birthday

Yahoo Mail got a new design, customizable inbox themes, larger mail storage (1TB) on its 16th Birthday!  The new design was made available to its desktop, iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms.

What's New:
  • Conversations: related messages are now grouped together, so it's even easier to stay in the loop
  • Themes: customize your inbox, choosing from a variety of Flickr Hi-resolution background images
  • Storage and more: 1TB mail storage, disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and mail forwarding are now available for everyone
  • Conversations can be easily be turned on or off in the app settings
Here are some screenshots:




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I do love the beautiful background themes but I need to ditch it and switch to a simpler and cleaner look.  I also liked the changes to Messenger but it would have been great if the features like Tabs (for multi-tasking), and Sort by Sender are present in the new Yahoo Mail.

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