Google's 15th Year Anniversary Doodle Game - Whack a Candy-filled Star Piñata!

Happy 15th Birthday Google!

Today, Google celebrates its 15th year anniversary with an interactive doodle game. To play, collect as much candies as you can by whacking the Google-themed, candy-filled star piñata using the spacebar key (you can also use the mouse if you want). You will be given 10 attempts per game.

Here's my attempts of whacking a Google-themed candy-filled piñata:

 Have you already played it? What was your highest score? So far, mine's 145! I know you can do better than this. ;) Someone I know got 165.

To try playing this, just go to Google's homepage today.  Warning: this game is addicting and will whack all your stress away! Lol! ^_^

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