I'll give up my W.O.R.L.D. for ASUS ML Series LED Monitor

Asus ML Series: True Colors in Every Angle

Since it is impossible for me use two different branded monitors at the same time, "for either I will hate the one and love the other, or I will hold to one and despise the other".
I need to choose one and give up the other one.
The "Both" option has been disabled (sorry, choose 1 only!)
So I have no choice but to choose only one.
At this point, the best choice I think is that, I need to give up something good, in order to experience and enjoy something BETTER or even the BEST.


I'm very willing to give up my W.O.R.L.D -->
(W) orking, designing, layouting, programming and blogging
(O) n my
(R) elatively Old AOC
(L) iquid crystal
(D) isplay monitor 
For a new 23″ Asus ML Series 229H LED Monitor that will bring true colors in every angle to all my designs and projects. 

(This is my entry for Yugatech contest)

Update (9-9-2011) : This entry was chosen by ASUS Philippines as one of the Top Ten finalists! Yay! See the top ten finalists here. Even though, I was not lucky enough to take home that Asus ML Series LED monitor, I'm still happy that my entry was on the top ten. ^_^ Anyway, I really had fun making this entry!

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