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PisoBid - Philippine's premier piso auction site

PisoBid is your number one Philippine based piso auction site where anyone can participate and get unbelievable deals on brand new, brand name merchandise discounted by as much as 50% to 99%! Some of the items that you can acquire at deeply discounted prices include gadgets, television sets, game consoles, designer brand items, luxury vacations and more!!  PisoBid provides every Filipino the opportunity to purchase items at super-values they can afford!!

How does PisoBid Work?
After going through the process of registering an account and buying bid packs, you may now start bidding on an item that you like in the auction. Once you’ve placed a bid, the following things will happen:

The item starts at a price of 1 peso. The price of the item goes up by 1 Centavo (0.01 peso). The timer resets itself to allow other users to place a bid; similar to a physical auction where the host yells: “Going Once, Going Twice… Sold!”
You are now the highest bidder. If you’re on top when the timer runs out, and nobody else places a bid after you, you win the auction!

I urge you to check out PisoBid, the Philippine's premier piso auction site!
At PisoBid, you can get up to 99% off awesome products!
1. Start by clicking this link to register.
2. Check out the auctions available on the Home page.
3. Begin bidding with the free credits you get after you register! (You can always buy more later under My Account - Buy Bids)

You can buy PisoBid e-Pins at


  1. pisobid really helped a lot of filipino already , with all the fun and excitement until dawn and having the chance to get the gadget that you want. that is why more and more filipinos get hooked by this piso auction.

  2. Niceee! Obviously is one of the hottest website in the country today. And I think they still have more magic on their sleeves! Keep up the goodwork.

  3. Has anyone heard nga na ang daming na ban sa Pisobid kasi may na violate sa rules ng game? Ang daming na ban dun kaso lumipat lang sa ibang auction site like Pinoybidders and Bilibid. Paano naman yung mga newbies? Hinahakot ng mga veterans ang prizes eh. Read my blog about this one:

    Bilibid: Veteran bidders stands tall in this new Piso Auction Site

  4. Kindly check my blog too! Its about the scam pulled by the new piso auction site called Bilibid.