I Want a BlackBerry Curve 3G from RIM thru Yugatech

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Meet by BlackBerry 7130G phone (please see photo above).  It's been my buddy for about two and half (2 1/2) years now.  It was actually lent to me by my older sister because she was not used to a QWERTY phone.  This phone is not 3G and not wifi-enabled phone.  It has no subscription of a data plan from Globe so I could not use its browser, email and BlackBerry Messenger.  Since that's the case, so there's no Facebook or Twitter or Yugatech with this phone. :(  It has no built-in camera so I could not take photos or videos with it.  It has no media player either, can't play videos or my favorite mp3s.  It has no external memory card so I could not save any files with it.  But it is well-used for SMS, Calls and Alarm. And also for Notes. My BlackBerry has now many scratches and sometimes the track wheel on its side is not functioning properly.

Why do I want that BlackBerry Curve 3G from RIM thru Yugatech?
1.  All that my BlackBerry 7130g lacks, BlackBerry Curve 3G has!  So I think it is the right time to upgrade it to a BlackBerry Curve 3G.
2.  BlackBerry Curve 3G will be very useful for my online business: e-LoadBiz and Super Cyver Shop

How badly do I want the BlackBerry Curve 3G?
I want it badly that's why I am willing to trade my BlackBerry 7130G with this brand new BlackBerry Curve 3G to Yugatech (That is, if he is willing). ^_^

This is my official entry to BlackBerry-Yugatech Give-away Contest.